National environmental resilience through territorial defence
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What is Environmental Defence

Over exploitation of natural resources and irresponsible human behaviours has caused severe damage to nature. And, the mother earth is now striking back. Floods, droughts, rising sea levels, diseases, and other impacts of global warming are affecting people from all walks of life. No one is, therefore, expected to sit back and wait for the natural disasters to wipe the human race out.

Each and every one of us has to do something if we want to maintain our existence. Defending the sovereignty of the Nation and its resources is the role of every citizen, regardless of age, profession, and social status.

The Indonesian National Defence Forces ‘TNI’ considers environmental destruction and global warming as crisis of non-war, which may impact the sustainability of the Nation. TNI feels obliged to join hands with fellow countrymen in securing the future of the people and its mission, by strengthening community partnership that improves the quality of the environment envisaged as ‘Environmental Defence’.

Why Environmental Defence

Environmental defence is one of TNI’s non-war operations aimed at ensuring the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintaining peace of the world, and securing global friendship.

Rising sea levels threatens to swallow up hundreds, and possibly thousands of Indonesia’s more than 17,000 islands, especially in outlaying areas, and similar condition may affect other countries. Indonesia is home of one of the world’s tropical forests, and the engagement of the Environmental Defence is the starting point that challenges the military to commit to unlimited paradigm towards environmental resilience.

The Road Path to World Environmental Defence Forum
Indo Defence 2010, Seminar
Thursday, 11th November 2010
The National Team Leader for Environmental Defence Program of Indonesian National Defense Forces, Mr. Nico Barito announced its plan to launch a World Environmental Defense Conference together with The Republic of Seychelles, a small island nation at the Indian Ocean and one of the world's niche eco-tourism destination highly consistent to environmental values. The conference will also invite counterpart nations to attain strategic road path towards a World Environmental Defence Forum. more..