National environmental resilience through territorial defence
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Implementation of national defense as a whole involves all people and all the resources, facilities and national infrastructure as a whole system of defense that are universal. TNI by Act number 34 of 2004 given the authority to empower the territorial's defense and its supportive elements at early stage in accordance with Sishanta (holistic defence system), even stated that the military can assist local governments.

Environmental Defense Program was originally introduced to TNI headquarters by Urban Solutions Institute, an affiliate of the UN-Habitat. Urban Solutions Institute through its partners in the network of international governmental organizations has facilitated the socialization of the program within the Environmental Defence at TNI headquarters and create pilot projects that include rehabilitation, reconstruction and conservation.

According to TNI Commander in Chief Letter of Instruction number: Sprin/820/V/2009 dated May 6, 2009 and Letter of Assignment number: Sgas/9/V/2009 dated May 6, 2009, regarding the appointment of military personnel and personnel of the Urban Solutions Institute to establish a Technical Team for Empowerment of Territorial Defence towards Environmental Resilience at TNI Headquarter. The Preliminary organizational structure can be found in the following...

The composition of the daily implementation of the Technical Team PWPKLH at TNI headquarter is:

Principal: Mayor General S.Wijanarko, S.Sos,
    MM, M.Sc
Team Leader: Nico Barito
Academic Liaison: Drs Heriyono M.Psi
Administrative Assistant: Maudhy Setiawan
Section Head Training: Anton Sulis