National environmental resilience through territorial defence
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Indo Defence 2010, Seminar

Thursday, 11th November 2010

The National Team Leader for Environmental Defence Program of Indonesian National Defense Forces, Mr. Nico Barito announced its plan to launch a World Environmental Defense Conference together with The Republic of Seychelles, a small island nation at the Indian Ocean and one of the world's niche eco-tourism destination highly consistent to environmental values. The conference will also invite counterpart nations to attain strategic road path towards a World Environmental Defence Forum.

The seminar was officiated by The Indonesian Minister of Defense DR.Purnomo Yusgiantoro and The Commander in Chief of Military Admiral Agus Suhartono, Minister of State Owned Enterprise DR.Mustafa Abubakar, attended by official delegation of INDO DEFENCE 2010, business community and Ambassadors and representatives of counterpart nations from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Peru, Somalia, Cambodia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Spain, Thailand, Canada, French.

The World Environmental Defense Conference is follow up to the launching of Environmental Defense for Global Friendship by TNI and Foreign Mission Ambassadors from 27 countries at Indonesia.

Along with the main theme of Indo Defense Expo which features technology and equipment for military operations, Mr. Barito's speech is about THE READINESS OF TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT FOR ENVRONMENTAL DEFENSE AND NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.The Team Leader of Environmental Defense Program emphasized on the requirement of equipment and technology for the purpose of rehabilitation, reconstruction and conservation of the environment, especially in anticipation of disaster, recuperation and early warning for disaster-prone areas both on the mountain and coastal area, during the opening session of the seminar along with the Minister of Defense of Indonesia and the Commander in Chief of The Indonesian Military.

Mr. Barito reaffirmed that the program of Environmental Defense as part of Military Operations Other Than War, may be a new avenue for dialogue to accelerate the cooperation with foreign countries, both between the government and the other stake holders, because environmental issues are things that absolutely need to draw the attention of all nations for the national security and the sustainable development.