National environmental resilience through territorial defence
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Press Release

  • 17 September 2010
    Seychelles and Indonesia Unite on Environment..

The Road Path to World Environmental Defence Forum
11 November 2010
For the achievement towards environmental sustainability towards the sovereignty of a nation and its future...

Exposure at World Urban Forum 5
24 Maret 2010
The Participants at Rio de Janeiro WUF 5 regarded TNI's Environmental Defence activities as profound initiative...

Enviromental Defence for Global Friendship
17 Oktober 2009
27 Embassies gathered at Kota Baru Parahyangan..

Seminar and Socialization at Kodam 3 Siliwangi
24 Maret 2009
The Seminar features interactive dialogue between the speakers and the audiences to share vision and thoughts to synchronize the aspirations and the expectation of all stakeholders...